POLL CLOSING TIMES: Polls Close In Key MO/TN/VA SEN Races By 8 pm
      Polls close as early as 6 pm EST in parts of IN and KY; all East Coast polls close by 9 pm EST, while some AK polls close as late as 1 am EST. The state-by-state listing of poll closings, all EST (mult):

6:00 pm
IN (Eastern)         KY (Eastern)

7:00 pm
FL (Peninsula)       KY (Western)           VT
GA                   NH (Townships)         VA
IN (Western)         SC

7:30 pm
NC                   OH                     WV

8:00 pm
AL                   MD                     NJ
CT                   MA                     OK
DE                   MI (Most of MI)        PA
FL (Panhandle)       MS                     SD (Eastern)
IL                   MO                     TN
KS                   NH (Cities)            TX (Eastern)

8:30 pm

9:00 pm
AZ                   NE                     SD (Western)
CO                   NM                     TX (Western)
LA                   NY                     WI
MI (Western U.P.)    RI                     WY

10:00 pm
ID (Southern)        NV                    OR (Western)
IA                   ND (Eastern)          UT

11:00 pm
CA                   ID (Panhandle)         OR (Eastern)
HI                   ND (Western)           WA

12:00 am
AK (Mainland)

1:00 am
AK (Western Aleutians)